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Ductile cast iron can also be called spheroidal graphite cast iron. It earns its name from the process of production casting, which base structure appears in a spherical shape. The spherical structure of ductile cast iron has the function of absorbing pressure, so it can withstand strong impact and allow plastic deformation. In addition, ductile cast iron has high carbon and high silicon chemical composition, making ductile cast iron corrosion resistant and has the same durability as steel. proimages/products/05-研磨及機械加工-1.JPG

In summary, ductile cast iron has the following advantages:
1.High strength and high ductility.
2.Impact resistance and plasticity, allowing bending and flattening without breaking.
3.Excellent joint performance, absolutely leakproof, great flexibility in latitudinal and longitudinal expansion.
4.Easy to construct, the processes of pipe cutting and divergence are straightforward and simple.
5.It can be constructed in conditions such as rainy or groundwater flooding areas.The pipes can be bent moderately.
6.Corrosion resistant, corrosion rate is extremely slow and no pitting corrosion.
7.Economic benefits: long service life, low damage rate, low water leakage rate, low construction costs and low maintenance costs.

Development of ductile cast iron pipes
Pipeline construction becomes more and more complicated as a city expands, along with the limitations of natural terrain and landforms. The traditional open-cut pipeline construction method must pass through railways, important traffic trunks, buildings, and monuments or other obstacles, paying significant social costs. In order to meet the needs of fast and thriving urban development, Shin-Nan spares no effort in developing better construction methods using ductile cast iron pipes. In hopes of providing our clients superb product quality, secure and effective construction technology with reasonable prices.

Conforms to CNS 10808 G 3219、CNS 13272 G 3253、JIS G 5526、JIS G 5527、JSWAS G-1、ISO 2531、EN 545、EN 598、EN 969 BS 4772

Potable water, reclaimed water, sewerage and gas applications
》Nodular Graphite Cast Iron proimages/products/金相檢視-球狀01.JPG 》Gray Cast Iron proimages/products/金相檢視-灰口.JPG
Graphite shows as isolated spheroids in a continuous matrix. Graphite shows as a semi-continuous network of flakes

Mechanical Properties & Nodularity
Tensile Strength(kgf/mm 2) Elongation(%)) Brinell Hardness(HB) Nodularity(%)
> 43 10 <  230 70